Lights On: Illuminating Your Outdoor Space with These Creative Ideas

Lights On: Illuminating Your Outdoor Space with These Creative Ideas

Light It Up

Outdoor lighting is an often-overlooked aspect of home décor that can be an inexpensive way to upgrade your living space. It can also give you the perfect ambiance for cozying up alone with a book or hosting a lively gathering with friends and family. Here are some outdoor lighting ideas to take inspiration from and increase the usability and ambiance of your outdoor living area.

Lights On: Illuminating Your Outdoor Space with These Creative Ideas 1

Decked Out

If you have a deck, you can incorporate various lighting elements to make it shine. The easiest décor lighting to use is string lights. They are versatile, low-cost, and can be hung in a strait line or swagged overhead in swooping arcs for a more whimsical feel. String lights can be white, multicolored, or have paper globe shades for an Oriental flair. For a more subtle ambience, use deck post lights. They are LED bulbs mounted on top of the deck railing posts, providing a soft glow throughout the area.

Garden Party

For a garden party, there are many unique outdoor lighting ideas. Inverted wine bottles can be used to create eye-catching tabletop lights. Colourful Japanese paper lanterns bring zest to the garden with a festive feel while string lights positioned amongst branches can create a mystical atmosphere. Try outdoor friendly batteries or solar-powered lights to create different lighting trails in the garden. One great way of using solar powered lights is to create a steppingstone path, creating a trail of light while providing walkway guidance.

Tiki Torch Time

Tiki torches can add a tropical touch to your outdoor living area. They can be cohesive with your outdoor surroundings or you can paint them with metallic or colorful paint to add a pop of excitement. You can use a combination of bamboo torches or and stainless ones that match with outdoor furniture or metallic décor. Tiki torches can be used for both practical lighting and décor lighting; they are easy to access and refill, and can add to the festive lighting ambiance during social gatherings.

Pool Party Lighting

If you have a pool, pool lighting is a necessity. A great idea is Underwater pool lighting. They come in both traditional white bulbs or multi-coloured options that change automatically LED lights are perfect for nighttime entertainment. Furthermore, install torch lights around the pool fence perimeter for added security and safety. If you have a tree overhanging your pool, place twinkling lights in the branches to create a starry night illusion.

Wrap It Around

If you’re looking for a versatile yet simple idea, try using rope lighting. This can be wrapped around trees, pergolas or other garden features creating a defined path. More practical than decorative lighting, rope light is bright so is great for getting the attention of guests making a safer atmosphere whilst leading to lost items, minimalizing accidents. Don’t miss out on this external resource we’ve prepared for you. Within, you’ll discover more intriguing details about the subject, broadening your comprehension. Visit this informative content.


Your outdoor living space is a space that should be enjoyed. The use of lighting on your outdoor living area is like putting a bow on a present; it makes it just that much better. The variety of outdoor lighting options available means that there is an outdoor lighting option for everyone. Now that you have some outdoor lighting ideas in mind, you’re well on your way to adding ambiance and functionality to your outdoor space with lowered cost and maximum style.

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